Lots of great comedy in Philly this weekend!

As I blogivated last week, Mike Birbiglia is at Helium August 8-11. Also in town is Eugene Mirman. He will be at DIE ACTOR DIE’s home, The Khyber, this  Saturday night.

Eugene will be there with the awesome Leo Allen and the I-don’t-know-him-but-he-must-be-good Larry Murphy. Eugene’s gearing up for a comedy special on Comedy Central that will be taped in New York in a few weeks.

If you haven’t seen Eugene, I highly recommend it. His style of comedy is so different than anything else out there. It’s hard to define, very scatological (hey I just defined it); it’s just his and it works and it’s funny.

Here’s an example:


I first saw Eugene at The Troc when he opened for STELLA and I’ve been a fan ever since. I saw him again at The Khyber when he, Brendan Smalls, Jon Benjamin and Tigers and Monkeys did a small show to promote Home Movies. Again, it was a great show.

Check him out this Saturday at 9. Tix are $12 — cheap for $100 worth of comedy.

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